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Wuyishan Scenic Spot Introduction_Wuyishan Introduction


Fares: Starting from 120 yuan (save 20 yuan).

A. Free policy: Children below 1.2 meters in height (excluding 1.2 meters) are free of admission, and children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) are free of sightseeing tickets

B. Preferential policies: Children from 1.2 (including 1.2 meters) to 1.5 (excluding 1 .. 5 meters) buy child tickets; seniors over 60 years (excluding 60 years old) buy old cards with an old card (or identity card)

Opening hours:


Transportation Overview:

Wuyishan City—Resort Area: Wuyi Avenue—Drive 11.2KM—Dawangfeng Road—Drive 4KM—S303—Gongguan Bridge—S303—Turn Right—End Point

Introduction to Wuyishan:

The Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area covers an area of ​​about 70 square kilometers and belongs to the typical Danxia landform. The typical Danxia single-sided mountain and block-shaped mountain are developed.

【Jiuquxi Scenic Area】

Jiuqu Basin has an area of ​​5 square kilometers, a total length of 9.5 kilometers, and an average width of about 7 meters.

A song

The order of Jiuquxi is countercurrent.

Second song

The boat sailed across the iron plate and headed north from Yuxiangtan for Erqu.

The main attractions are: Jade Peak, Xianbangtai, Hanmo Stone, Xianguanyan, Mirror Terrace and so on.


Fenghuiji turned to Leiyu Beach, and the stream flowed south, forming a curved ring, which is a trilogy.

The main attractions are Xiaozang Peak, Xianyou Rock, Sun Rising Peak, Cheqian Rock, etc.

Four songs

Under the Tibetan Mt. Peak, the brook water is Wolongtan, which flows northward to occupy the cone beach.

The main attractions are: Dazang Peak, Xian Diaotai, Royal Tea Garden, Xiaojiuqu, Test Sword Stone, Inscription Rock, Jinji Cave.


The boat crosses Wolongtan, the right turns on the inscription Poem Rock, the small Jiuqu goes northward as far as the Lindukou, it is Wuqu.

The main attractions are: Hidden Screen Peak, Jieshan Peak, Wuyi Jingshe, Yunwo, Chadong, etc.

Six songs

The boat traveled north along the brook and reached the Laoya Beach as a six-track song. The six-track song is only a stream of water. However, Tianyou is the "Wuyi First Resort".

The main attractions are: Tianyou Peak, Zhanbuyan, Cangping Peak, Xianzhang Peak, Xiangsheng Rock, etc.


The boat crossed Laoya Beach, which flowed two lines, to Qixuan Beach, where Baihua was nearby. It was Qiqu.

The main attractions are: Sanyang Peak, Three-layered Peak, Beilangyan, Tianhufeng, Langhuanyan, Chenggaoyan, etc.

Eight songs

The east and west of Furong Beach are eight songs.


From the shallows near Qiaoyan to Xingcun Town under Qi Yunfeng, it is Jiuqu.

The main attractions are Erqi Yunfeng, Cockroach and Dolomites.

[Tianyou Peak Scenic Area]

Tianyou Peak is at an altitude of 410 meters and a relative height of 215 meters. It is located in the center of the scenic spot, connected to Xianyou Rock in the east, Qingyinyan Rock in the south, and Xianzhang Peak in the west, standing on top of the mountains, towering above the peaks, and surrounding the arches.

Whenever the weather is clear after the rain, and the morning dawn is first exposed, climb to the top and watch the sea of ​​clouds. I see the peaks appearing in the clouds and unpredictable. It is like being in Penglai Wonderland and traveling in Qionglou Yuyu.

[Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area]

Taoyuan Cave, also known as Little Taoyuan, is comparable to Wulingyuan in Tao Yuanming's famous book "Peach Blossoms". The scenic spot is one of the famous 72 holes in Wuyi Mountain.

[Huxiaoyan Scenic Area]

One of the thirty-six peaks of Wuyi Mountain.

[First Line Sky Scenic Area]

Yixiantian, also known as Yizitian, is located in a secluded canyon to the south of Erqu Creek at the southern end of the peaks of Wuyi Mountain.

[Shuiliandong Scenic Area]

Shuilian Cave, also known as Tangyu Cave Sky, is the largest cave in Wuyi Mountain, with a height and width of more than 100 meters. The water curtain at Shuilian Cave is about one foot to two feet widest.

[Dahongpao Scenic Spot]

Wuyishan Dahongpao Scenic Area includes Wuyishan's largest temple, Tianxin Yongle Temple, and Dahongpao, which is known as the god tea.

Dahongpao is a magical tea tree, which has a unique growth environment.