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Introduction to Wutai Mountain in Shanxi_Introduction to Wutai Mountain


Wutaishan adult tickets: from 135 yuan (23 yuan province);

Preferential policy:

① Ticket exemption policy: Children under 6 years old (including 6 years old) or below 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) in height, disabled, active duty soldiers, revolutionary disabled soldiers, senior citizens over 60 years old (including 60 years old), monks

② Preferential policies: Half-price discount groups are 6 years old (excluding 6 years old), 18-18 years old (including 18 years old) minors, full-time college students with undergraduate degree or below, and need valid and valid documents to enjoy half-price discount.

Opening hours:

0: 00-24: 00; ropeway: 7: 00-15: 00

Transportation Overview:

Traffic routes:

① There is an airport shuttle bus from the airport to the Civil Aviation Sales Office, No. 158 Yingze Street, Taiyuan City.

② Buses 201 and 901 also shuttle between Taiyuan City and the airport.

Introduction to Wutai Mountain:

Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, is located in the northeast of Shanxi Province and belongs to the northern end of the Taihang Mountains.

Wutai Mountain is one of the earliest land on the earth that emerged from the water.

Wutai Mountain has the lowest altitude of only 624 meters and the highest altitude of 3061 meters, which is the highest peak in North China.

Qingquan Bichi, full of mosaics, is known in history as more than twenty auras.

Buddha cave wonderful stone, more than thirty people named.

The Chronicle of Qingliang Mountain describes Wutai Mountain as follows: "The Qingliang Mountain Man is also the characterization of the Manjusri prince .... According to the Yan dynasty, there are several states in Panyu, among the four levels, more than a hundred miles on Friday. Left

The most wonderful natural landscape of Wutai Mountain is the "round light" shooting tourists.

Wutai Mountain has more than 600 plant species.

Wutai Mountain, the earliest known as Wufeng Mountain, means that five main peaks were abruptly raised in the Zhongshan Fuling.

The five main peaks of Mount Wutai are named after the five parties.

Dongtai is famous for the Haifeng Peak, with an elevation of 2,795 meters, and its top is Ruo'ao Ridge.

The name of Nanxiu Jinxiu Peak is 2,485 meters above sea level.

The name of Xitai is called Yueyue Peak, with an elevation of 2,773 meters, and the top is flat.

The name of Beitai is Ye Doufeng, with an elevation of 3,058 meters. It is the "Northern Peak of North China". Its top is flat and wide. On Thursday, Lingying Temple was built.

The name of Cuiyan Peak in Central Taiwan is 2,894 meters above sea level, and the top is flat and wide. On Friday, there is a teaching temple.

Wutai Mountain is a well-known Buddhist sacred place at home and abroad, with Mount Emei in Sichuan, Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui, and Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang.

The five peaks are towering, the tops are flat, the thousands of peaks are open, and the Zhongling Yuxiu, this is the Buddhist area of Foshan.

Shakyamuni was the founder of Buddhism. He was born in the 7th--6th century BC in ancient India ’s Gapiro Patriarchate (now in Nepal).

At what time did Mount Wutai start to build a temple?

According to various ancient books, Mount Wutai already had temple buildings during the Yongping period of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Historically, with the spread of Buddhism, the worship of emperors, the limping of high monks, Wutai Mountain became more and more famous as the Manjushri Bodhisattva, and its status became higher and higher, with more and more temple buildings and larger scales.

Wutai Mountain, Gao Qishi is the center of studying the Huayan Sutra in the north.

Wutai Mountain is located at the foot of the Great Wall, and is located at the junction of the farming and nomadic peoples in history. It has always received the extreme attention of the feudal royal family.

Wutai Mountain has always been a place where famous monks gather.

Wutai Mountain's prominent position in Chinese Buddhism has attracted many foreign Buddhist followers.

Wutai Mountain Buddhism sect is divided into two major systems: the Qing and Huang religions.

Wutaishan Monastery organization, there are two kinds of elements Sun and Shifang.

Wutaishan Temple, known as the Northern Qi Dynasty, has more than 200 seats.

Today, Mount Wutai has become a rare treasure house of ancient Chinese architecture.

The ancient wooden structures of temples preserved in China are the earliest relics of the Tang Dynasty.

Wutai Mountain, there are many pagodas.

According to a survey of 37 temples in the Wutai Mountains, the number reached 17,445.

The number of bells, drums, bowls, plates, steles, cymbals, buildings, plaques, plates, couplets, poems, essays, etc. preserved inside and outside the Wutaishan Temple are numerous.

Wutai Mountain is also a prestigious summer resort.

In short, Wutai Mountain has a magnificent scenery and unique scenery.