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Introduction of Yuntaishan_About Yuntaishan


High season: full price ticket 210 yuan / person (150 + 60), half-price discount ticket 135 yuan / person (75 + 60), free discount ticket 60 yuan / person.

Low season: full price ticket 120 yuan / person (60 + 60), half-price discount ticket 90 yuan / person (30 + 60), free discount ticket 60 yuan / person.

Scope of exemption: Active military personnel with an officer's or soldier's card, disabled persons with a disability certificate, retired cadres with a retirement card, senior citizens over 65 years old (including 65 years old) with ID card / senior preferential card, height below 1.4 meters or 6 years old

Half-price ticket range: 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) ~ 18 years old (including 18 weeks

Preferential policies:

1. Exemption scope: active duty military personnel with military officer or soldier ID, revolutionary disabled soldiers with their own military disability certificate, retired cadres with retired card, elderly people over 65 years old with ID card / elderly preferential treatment card, children below 1.3 meters in height

2. Scope of half-price tickets: Full-time students with registered student ID, disabled persons with disability ID, 60-64-year-olds with ID card / elderly preference card, labor models above the provincial level and outstanding teachers at the provincial level

Opening hours:

7:00 to 18:30 holidays, low season and high season will be adjusted

Transportation Overview:

Jiaozuo City Coach Station departs from the City Coach Station or Tourist Station at 7:30 every morning, and the fare is 10 yuan per person.

Yuntai Mountain Introduction:

Yuntai Mountain is located in Xiuwu County, Henan Province. It is the first batch of world geoparks in the world. It is also the only Henan province that integrates national key scenic spots, national AAAAA scenic spots, national civilized scenic tourist areas, national forest parks, and national water conservancy scenic spots.

Main Attractions

Spring waterfall gorge

The gorge is 3000 meters long, and the tour takes about two and a half hours.

Tan waterfall gorge

In the Yuntaishan Landscape Gallery, Tanpuxia (Xiaozhaigou) is a masterpiece of nature.

The entire canyon is 1270 meters long and runs from north to south.

There are twelve beautiful mountain and river movements in the Tan Gorge, namely: Welcome to the First Pool, Nine Pairs of Lover, Emerald Fairy, Jintan Silver Waterfall, Yazi Waterfall Pool, Qunfang Jingxiu, Sui and Tang Village, Qingyi Xianchi, Water

Redstone gorge

Approximate time required for the tour: about an hour and a half, 1500 meters in length

The canyon is the best red stone gorge. It is a show, secluded, majestic, and dangerous. Rongquan, waterfalls, creeks, and lakes all in one valley. It has always enjoyed the reputation of "bonsai canyon".

Wanshan Temple

Approximate time required for the tour: about half an hour

Wanshan Temple was built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. At that time, Yuntai Mountain was chosen to build the temple.

Dogwood Peak

It is a sacred place for writers and monks of all dynasties. The vegetation here is dense, the ancient trees are towering, there are thousands of famous trees yew, pentagonal maple, Taihang flower, the forest coverage rate is as high as 93%, and it has the reputation of natural oxygen bar.


Qinglong Gorge, as one of the main attractions of Yuntai Mountain, has the reputation of “the largest canyon of Yuntai Mountain”, where waterfalls and flying springs are suspended, ponds and rivers are clear, mountains and rivers are affectionate, plants and trees are interpreted, and the spirituality of nature and the vitality of life are performed here.

Macaque valley

Approximate time required for the tour: about an hour (located near Xiaozhaigou parking lot)

Yuntai Mountain was approved as a national macaque nature reserve by the State Council in August 1998. A large number of wild macaque communities are distributed in the scenic area.

Ovary lake

Approximate time required for the tour: 10-20 minutes (you can take a speedboat)

Ovary Lake is also called "Pinghu".


Fenglin Gorge is based on the emerald lake that blends with the mountains and waters. The beautiful scenery of the mountains and the charm of the water are one.


Approximate time required for the tour: (Viewing from the car, it takes 20 to 30 minutes)

Diecai Cave is a highway tunnel connecting the two provinces of Henan and Jin Dynasty. It is a masterpiece of the Xiuwu People's Battlefield. It took eight years to build.

Baijiayan (not open)

Baijiayan (unopened) is the birthplace of Chinese landscape garden culture from the court to the people. Since ancient times, the landscape has been beautiful. The Emperor Xianxian of the Han Dynasty has been sheltering from the heat during the summer.

(At present, Baijiayan attractions have not been fully developed and will not be opened to the public for the time being.)

Legend of Yuntai Mountain:

Spring Waterfall Gorge is said to have a Tianhe Dragon King to rescue the suffering of folk drought in the Yuntai Mountains in northern Hebei, at the expense of the jade emperor, the rain was degraded to the habitat of the world.