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Introduction of Shandong Taishan_About Taishan


High season 127 yuan (February 1 to November 30), low season 100 yuan (December 1 to January 31 of the following year) Ropeway: Zhongtianmen-South Tianmen Price: 80 yuan / person one way, round trip 140 yuan

Preferential policies:

1. For students, senior citizens over 60 years old, enjoy half price discount in peak and low season;

2. Free entry to the mountains for active servicemen, revolutionary disabled soldiers, military retired cadres, disabled persons, children (less than 1.2 meters), and elderly people over 70 years of age with valid credentials;

3. Enjoy discounts on tickets for teachers, labor models, provincial and ministerial models, heroic models, and moral models, 100 yuan per person in the high season and 80 yuan per person in the low season;

4. Special dates (the second day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the third of March, and the ninth of September) are free for seniors over 60 years old.

Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday (open all day)

Transportation Overview:

1) Hit the Red Gate, from Red Gate --- Zhongtianmen ---- Nantianmen --- Yuhuangding (starting price)

2) Take a taxi or take a bus to Tianwai Village, change from CMB to Zhongtianmen (30 fares), and there is a ropeway from Zhongtianmen to Nantianmen.

Taishan Introduction:

Taishan is the head of China's "Five Yues", also known as Sheshan, Daizong, Daiyue, Dongyue, Taiyue and so on.

For thousands of years, Taishan has become a god mountain for the ancestors of ancestors to seal the heavens. Following the emperor's seal, Taishan has been deified and thus enjoys the title of "Five Great Mountains".

The scenic spots of Mount Tai are centered on the main peak of Mount Tai and are distributed in a radial pattern. It is a fusion of natural and human landscapes.

Taishan Riguanfeng (Gongbei Stone) The most fascinating part of Taishan is that Taishan is a famous mountain in China's history that has been sealed by the emperor.

Mount Tai is ancient, beautiful, secluded, and wonderful. There are countless cliff monuments. Temples and temples are full of mountains. The mountains are magnificent, and the natural landscape is majestic, magnificent, heavy, and beautiful.

There are four wonders to visit Taishan: Mount Taishan sunrise, the sea of ​​clouds and jade plate, sunset and evening light, and the Yellow River Golden Belt.

1. Taishan sunrise is one of the most spectacular wonders of Mount Tai. At dawn, tourists stand on the top of the mountain and look up to the east. The line of morning light changes from gray to pale yellow, and from pale yellow to orange.

2. Yunhai Yupan ---- Taishan clouds can be called wind and rain, changing endlessly: sometimes the mountain winds roar, the clouds are filled, such as falling into a chaotic world; the dark clouds over the city, and the ground is thundering, which makes people shake. It is not necessary for tourists to encounter this.

3. Evening sunsets ---- When the sunset is setting, if you walk on the top of Mount Tai, it is just right after the rain and rain, the sky is high, and the sky is refreshing.

4. The magical scenery of the evening glow and the golden belt of the Yellow River has a great relationship with the season and climate.