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Introduction of Scenic Spots of Lushan in Jiangxi Province


Low season (December 1-March 31 of the following year): 135 yuan / person; High season (April 1-November 31): 180 yuan / person.

Preferential policies:

I. The elderly, children and disabled

(1) Any elderly person over 70 years of age who comes to Lushan for tourism shall be exempted from admission after registering at the gate of the park with valid documents (ID card, passport).

(2) Children under 1.4 meters in height (including 1.4 meters) who come to Lushan for tourism will be exempted from admission after registration at the park gate.

(3) Disabled persons who come to Lushan for tourism will be exempted from admission after registering at the gate of the park with a disability certificate.

Second, active duty soldiers

The active members of the People's Liberation Army, the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the fire brigade, disabled soldiers, and retired cadres of the army shall, upon registration at the gate of the park, with valid documents (military officer certificate, non-commissioned officer certificate, soldier certificate, military disability certificate, and military retirement certificate).

3. Preferential treatment for NPC deputies and CPPCC members

Opening hours:


Transportation Overview:

From Jiujiang Railway Station, you can take a one-dollar bus all the way (the bus station is on the right hand when you get out of the train station), or you can take a five-yuan taxi to the Jiujiang Coach Station.

Lushan Introduction:

Lushan, also known as Kuangshan or Kuanglu, belongs to Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.

There is a legend, as early as the beginning of the week, there was a Mr. Kuangsu who was studying in Lushan to seek immortality.

Another legend was that during the time of King Zhou Wu, there was a Mr. Fang Fu.

The third legend is that Kuangsu ’s father, King Tono, once worked with the capital Yang Rui to assist Liu Bangping to set the world, and Dongye Yu died unfortunately in the middle.

Lushan main attractions introduction:

Fairview Valley

From the overpass, follow the stone-level road on the left to Xianren Cave. It is a beautiful valley with a length of about 1.5 kilometers. This is the famous scenic spot newly opened by Lushan in 1980-Jinxiu Valley.

Flower path

Huajing Park is located on the shore of Ruqin Lake, 2 kilometers southwest of Lingling Street.

Show peak

Xiufeng is the general name of the incense burner peak, Shuangjianfeng, Wenshu Peak, Heming Peak, Lion Peak, Turtle Peak, Sister Peak and other peaks.

Wulao Peak

Wu Lao Feng is located in the southeast of Mount Lu. Because of the extreme top of the mountain, it was cut off by the mountain pass. It was divided into five peaks side by side.

Bilongtan Waterfall

Many Lushan waterfalls are named after the "Dragon" word, such as "Wolong Lake", "Shenlong Lake", "Wulong Lake", "Huanglong Lake" and so on.

Sambo tree

About 300 meters from Huanglongtan along the stone steps in the forest, you will reach the Sambo tree.


"Meilu" was once the official residence of Xia Du of Chiang Kai-shek, "Chairman of the President", and was once the "beautiful house" where the "First Lady" lived.

Lulin Lake

About 20 minutes from Huanglong Temple along the stone steps winding path to Lulin Bridge.

A dam was built here in 1954 to store water, so the high gorge came out of Pinghu Lake, with green mountains and green waters, and mountain reflections, forming a mutually interesting relationship.

Lushan Conference Site

It is located at the foot of Throwing Pen Peak in Donggu of Lingling.

Oguchi Falls

Dakou Waterfall is a scenic spot developed by the Lushan Administration in recent years. Tourists can take the ropeway directly to Dakou Waterfall, or take the ropeway from Hankou to directly go to Dakou Waterfall. Dakou Waterfall is also known as Rainbow Waterfall, because it often passes after rain and sunny weather.


Wulongtan originally consisted of three pools of different sizes. According to ancient books: "Wulongtan where there are three lakes, the middle and upper two lakes are several hundred feet high, and the lower lake is slightly flattened." So far, only one lake has been seen.


Coming up from Shimen Temple, walking a long way, you can get to Huanglongtan and Wulongtan.

Bailudong Academy

Bailudong Academy is located in the southeast of Wulaofeng, with a mountain area of ​​3000 mu and a building area of ​​3,800 square meters.

Botanical garden

Hundreds of meters down the stone steps from Hancheng Pass to the gate of the botanical garden.


Sandiequan is located at the lower part of the Wulao Peak. The cliffs flowing through the waterfall have three levels. The water content of the stream falls and falls from the Sandiequan. The drop is 155 meters, which is extremely spectacular and shocking.


On the shore of Lulin Lake, there is a villa-style building combining Chinese and Western architecture.


The Hankou is 1286 meters above sea level. A huge mountain pass is formed between the Hanyang Ridge and the opposite Hanyang Peak, and a large mouth drains the water of the Poyang Lake at the foot of the mountain, hence its name.

Longshou Cliff

The cliff on the southwest side of Datianchi is thousands of feet above the ground, and it is absolutely extinct. The lonely air is like a dragon head, flying outside. This is the famous scenic spot "Longshou Cliff".

Fairy Cave

Xianren Cave is one of the famous attractions in Lushan.

Hanyang Peak

"Southeast Pinghan towered Cui Wei, and a hibiscus was planted on the top. The water and light flowed on all sides, and the peaks of the ten thousand layers relied on the sky.


Shimenyu Waterfall is the earliest recorded in the history of many waterfalls in Lushan.


Xiaotianchi is located in the north of Lushan Lingling. The water in the pool is placed in the high mountains and it is not overflowing all year round.


Luling, the center of Lushan.


Climb to the top of Tianchi Mountain, which is more than 900 meters above sea level in the west of Lushan Mountain, looking at Jiuqi Peak in the south, looking down at Shimenyu, looking at the bergamot rock in the east, and overlooking Baiyun Peak in the west.

Iron boat peak

Tiechuan Peak is commonly known as "mast stone" and faces Longshou Cliff.

In 1992, there were Jingguan Pavilion and stone carvings near the peak of the iron boat.

Guanyin Bridge Scenic Area

The Guanyin Bridge, a thousand-year national treasure known as "the first ancient bridge in the south of the Yangtze River," was built in 1014 AD, with a length of 19.4 meters and a width of 4.8 meters.

Royal Monument

Yu Beiting was built by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty.

Lushan specialty

Lushan specialty can be summarized as "one tea and three stones".

Lushan Yunwu Tea: Lushan Yunwu Tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It originated in the Han Dynasty and has a history of more than one thousand years. It was listed as "tribute tea" in the Song Dynasty.

Lushan pheasant: The Lushan pheasant is a horse-skin frog that grows in caves of shady rocks.

Lushan Rockfish: Lushan Rockfish is transparent in color, without scales, and its body length is generally about 30-40 mm, which is about the same length as the rust flower needle, which is seven to eight years long and does not exceed one inch in length, so it is also known as rust

Lushan Stone Ear: Lushan Stone Ear and Black Fungus belong to the same family. It is a kind of agaric plant that is wild on the inaccessible cliffs. Because it is flat like a human ear and grows on rocks, it is called "Shi ear"

Fresh bamboo shoots in Lushan: Fresh bamboo shoots produced in Lushan Ecological Reserve in Jiangxi Province are recognized as pollution-free health and beauty foods due to their unique natural environment and are well received by consumers.

Hukou bad fish: According to historians, traditional bad fish originated from the intersection of Poyang Hukou and the Yangtze River in the late primitive society, so it is called "Hukou bad fish".

Osmanthus crispy sugar: It is also called "osmanthus double-walled" with osmanthus tea cake.

Osmanthus tea cake: It uses high-quality tea oil, sesame, sweet-scented osmanthus and flour as main raw materials, and is refined by traditional techniques.

Regular tourist routes

1.Five-day tour routes

D1: Beishan Highway-Beishan Garden Gate-Xiaotianchi-Wangjiang Pavilion-Flower Path-Ruqin Lake-Tianqiao-Jinxiu Valley-Xianren Cave-Datianchi-Longshouyan-Suspension Bridge-Tiechuan Peak

D2: Hanyukou-Dakou-Botanical Garden-Wulaofeng-Sandiequan

D3: Lulin Lake-Huilong Road-Huanglong Temple-Sambo Tree-Huanglongtan-Wulongtan-Power Station Dam-Shimenyu

D4: Museum-Meeting Site-Donggu Celebrity Villa-Meilu-Zhou Enlai Memorial Room-Mu Ling Street

D5: Taiyi Peak-Jiuqi Peak-Yangtianping-Hanyang Peak-Xiufeng-Bailu Cave-Tianmu Hot Spring

2.Four-day tour routes

D1: Beishan Highway-Beishanyuanmen-Xiaotianchi-Wangjiang Pavilion-Huajing-Ruqin Lake-Tianqiao-Jinxiu Valley-Xianren Cave-Datianchi-Longshouyan-Suspension Bridge-Shimenyu-Tiechuan Peak

D2: Hanyukou-Dakou-Botanical Garden-Wulaofeng-Sandiequan

D3: Power Station Dam-Wulongtan-Huanglongtan-Sambo Tree-Huanglong Temple-Huilong Road-Lulin Lake-Taiyifeng-Jiuqifeng-Yangtianping

D4: Museum-Meeting Site-Donggu Celebrity Villa-Meilu-Zhou Enlai Memorial Room-Mu Ling Street

3. Three-day tour

D1 Beishan Highway-Beishanyuanmen-Xiaotianchi-Wangjiang Pavilion-Huajing-Ruqin Lake-Tianqiao-Fairview Valley-Xianren Cave-Datianchi-Longshouyan-Suspension Bridge-Shimenyu-Tiechuan Peak

D2 Hankou-Dakou-Botanical Garden-Wulaofeng-Sandiequan

D3 Fuling Street-Zhou Enlai Memorial Room-Meilu-Donggu Celebrity Villa-Museum-Lulin Lake-Huilong Road-Huanglong Temple-Three Treasure Trees-Huanglongtan-Wulongtan-Power Station Dam

4. Two-day tour routes

D1 Beishan Highway-Beishan Garden Gate-Xiaotianchi-Wangjiang Pavilion-Flower Path-Ruqin Lake-Overpass-Fairview Valley-Fairy Cave-Datianchi-Lulin Lake-Meeting Site-Donggu Celebrity Villa-Meilu-Zhou Enlai Memorial

D2 Hankou-Dakou-Botanical Garden-Wulaofeng-Sandiequan

5. Day Tour Tour

X1 Beishan Highway-Beishan Garden Gate-Xiaotianchi-Wangjiang Pavilion-Flower Path-Ruqin Lake-Flyover-Fairview Valley-Fairy Cave-Lulin Lake-Museum-Meeting Site-Donggu Celebrity Villa-Meilu-Zhou Enlai Memorial Room

X2 Nanshan Highway-Nanshan Garden Gate-Hanyukou-Botanical Garden-Lulin Lake-Huilong Road-Huanglong Temple-Sambo Tree-Huanglongtan-Wulongtan-Power Station Dam-Suspension Bridge-Shimenyu-Longshouyan-Datianchi

X3 Hanyukou-Botanical Garden-Wulaofeng-Sandiequan-Museum-Meeting Site-Meilu-Zhou Enlai Memorial Room-Zheling Street

Lushan tourism matters needing attention

1) The temperature in Lushan is between 7-10 degrees lower than Jiujiang, so it ’s cooler in the morning and evening.

2) Due to the unique cloud and fog climate, which contains a large amount of water, it will bring a cool and humid feeling to the visitors;

3) It is very difficult to get water from the top of Lushan Mountain. The hot water for bathing in the hotel is limited. Please pay attention to the time of water supply and bathing in the hotel;

4) The conditions in the old district are limited, and the hotel reception conditions cannot be compared with the big cities.

5) The taste of the meal varies from north to south. If convenient, bring some local snacks or appetizers;

6) Mountain roads may cause motion sickness due to many bends; mosquitoes and other insects are high due to high greening rate; visitors are advised to bring their own medicines for emergency use (eg; motion sickness medicines, refreshing oils, Huoxiangzhengqi water, etc.);

7) In the peak season, in order to alleviate the traffic pressure between various scenic spots, Lushan implements reversing (not a group of special cars); due to the limited number of vehicles, there are too many people in the peak season and it is normal to wait for an hour;

8) When taking the Jingjiao bus, you should take care that you should carry the items with you every time you get off the bus.

9): In order to ensure safety, the transportation department of Lushan specifically stipulates that coaches are not allowed to go up the mountain between 22:00 and 6:00 am. Please pay attention when organizing tour groups!

10) At the attractions, pay attention to all consumption and activities. Be careful and be fooled in compliance with laws and regulations. If you have any questions, you can consult your tour guide or related institutions!