Home China Travel2020 Changli Gold Coast Travel Guide-Gold Coast Self-Guided Tour Ticket Traffic Weather

2020 Changli Gold Coast Travel Guide-Gold Coast Self-Guided Tour Ticket Traffic Weather

2020 Changli Gold Coast Travel Guide-Gold Coast Self-Guided Tour Ticket Traffic Weather

Scenic features:

Coastal scenery, beach entertainment, sand sculptures, seaside, desert

Introduction to the scenic spot:

The Gold Coast Tourist Area is the only national-level marine natural scenic reserve in northern China, featuring the kiss marks of the desert and the sea, and is rated as one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China.

The Gold Coast is in Changli County, with a total length of 52.1 kilometers, and is located at the core of China's "third pole" Bohai Economic Circle.

The best time to visit the Gold Coast:

It is suitable for all seasons, May to October is the best.

Ticket prices for Gold Coast:

1. Changli International Sandboarding Center: Adult ticket 80 yuan, senior ticket 50 yuan, children ticket 50 yuan.

2. Jinshawan Sand Sculpture World: 75 yuan (including: beach, sand sculpture viewing, sand-skiing, grass-skiing, golf driving range (each one is limited to five balls and one yuan per ball), archery (5 free), water foot

Opening hours of the Gold Coast:

Scenic location on the Gold Coast:

Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China

How to reach the Gold Coast:

1. Bus route:

(1) Take the long-distance bus from Haiyang Road Long-distance Bus Station on Qinhuangdao or Beidaihe and get off at Changli, then transfer to CMB to get there.

(3) Qinhuangdao Long-distance Bus Station goes directly to the Gold Coast and costs about 15 yuan.

2. Self-driving route:

(1) Beijing direction: Take the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, take the No. 18 Funing and Changli exits, and head towards the Gold Coast. There are road signs on the road.

(2) Beijing direction: along Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, Beidaihe exit, along Nandaihe and Gold Coast, there are signposts on the road.

(3) Tianjin direction: Take the coastal expressway Changli East exit and go to the Gold Coast.

(4) Northeast direction: Take the exit along the coast of Changli on the Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway and go to the Gold Coast.

Gifts you can buy:

(Local cuisine) A variety of shellfish such as iron plate crabs, scallops, sea locusts, barracuda, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, conch, hairy clams, and the essence of Bohai Bay seafood products.

(Local specialty) BBQ, if you eat seafood or go to Beidaihe seafood stall.

Notes on the Gold Coast:

1. Pay attention to safety when playing entertainment projects.

2. Pay attention to sun protection.

3. Be careful not to throw litter and protect the scenic environment.

4. Posture and precautions for sand-skiing:

There is a fixed slide on the entire sand surface of the sand board, and children are prohibited from riding under 1.2 meters.

There are two ways to remedy the occurrence of serious partial plates:

(1) When the skateboard deviates seriously to the left, you can use your right hand to scrape the sand on the right to control the time and strength of the correction according to the deviation.

(2) If the skateboard seriously deviates to the right, the left hand can be used to scrape the left sand surface according to the deviation. The correction time and strength are controlled differently.

5. Slide posture and matters needing attention:

Compared with sandboarding, the sliding grass has a fixed slide, which can be used by two people. The adult takes a child, and the child is no more than 1.2 meters tall.